International Migration

International Counsellor Geneva - A colorful globe showing the idea of international migration

Counselling for International Migrants

Have you moved internationally? Are you looking for counselling support in Geneva as you navigate new life experiences in a new setting? Feelings will vary, but moving can leave you with understandable worry, distress, stress and even anxiety, depression and culture shock.

Prior to qualification as a counsellor, I gained a Masters in Globalization, Ethnicity and Culture from the University of Sussex, UK and a Masters (Hons) in Social Anthropology with Development Studies from the University of Edinburgh, UK. I worked for ten years as a researcher, writer and editor on issues including human rights, migration, asylum and refugee rights, and issues of racism and discrimination.

With this background in international movement, migration and identity formation, in the highly-international city of Geneva, I offer counselling for international migrants. I hope to offer you a safe and calm environment in which to process some of the more complex and challenging emotions associated with migration. Whether you are planning for a new move locally, nationally or internationally, are recently arrived, or are settled but still dealing with lingering concerns.

Perhaps you identify as a”third-culture” kid or are parenting one? Maybe you are finding it hard to acclimatize to a new cultural landscape? Are you having very understandable emotional responses to the practical adjustments of living in a new and/or different culture? Perhaps you have experienced racism or discrimination in your new life and need a safe space to process what has happened?

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