Individual Counselling

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I am an English-speaking counsellor, trained in the UK and US, offering individual counselling in Geneva to adults.

By way of introduction: the heart of my counselling practice is a belief in the importance of harnessing a positive relationship experience. As we work together towards change, I ground your therapy in the key values of curiosity, empathy, respect and collaboration.  At the same time, I am always working to ensure that I offer safety, confidentiality and support. My hope is that you will feel accepted and listened to with warmth, respect, kindness and without judgment.

Why come to individual counselling in Geneva?

Some common reasons for coming to therapy include:

  • Feeling low and unhappy
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling depressed
  • Relationship problems
  • Work pressures
  • Difficulty adjusting to changes, big and small
  • Separation and loss

(Are you confused about the different names for therapy, such as counselling, psychotherapy and psychology? Click here for more information).

What kind of individual counselling do I offer?

I am a psychodynamic, person-centred, attachment-based and trauma-informed counsellor.

What does this mean in practice? It means that I am interested in building a therapeutic relationship with you that is based on a mutually agreed commitment to work together every week at a set time. I am interested in getting to know you and your life – and that includes both what is happening for you in the here and now and also what has happened in your past.

I am curious to hear what brings you to therapy now. Is it a change in your sense of your self (changes to your mood or stress levels or sense of who you are) or shifts in your external reality (moves, family changes, relationship shifts, developments in your working life, births and deaths)?

I also believe that our experiences in childhood and early adulthood all contribute to who we are today. I am interested in exploring this with you, and together seeing whether we can draw connections between your past and your patterns of relating to others in the present, including to me.

I believe that we all have the capacity for change. Moreover, I believe that the experience of being in a healthy and safe therapeutic relationship can be an important catalyst for change.

I warmly invite clients who are hoping for a calm, warm-hearted, non-judgmental and open clinician to reach out to me. I work hard to meet clients where they are, to listen carefully, to be curious and to offer a space of shared exploration.

Being in therapy involves thinking about and feeling feelings that you may have long buried. This can be a hard and challenging experience, but one where you will hopefully feel supported, heard and understood.

In addition to offering therapy to adults, both individually and in couples, I specialize in providing therapy to international migrants and to pregnant women and parents.

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