Individual Counselling

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English-speaking Counsellor in Geneva

I am an English-speaking counsellor in Geneva offering individual counselling to adults.

At the heart of my practice is a belief in the importance of harnessing a positive relationship experience. As we work together towards change, I base my practice in the key values of curiosity, empathy, respect and collaboration. I hope my counselling space feels safe, confidential and supportive and that you feel accepted and listened to with warmth, respect, kindness and without judgment.

Why see a counsellor?

Common reasons for seeking individual counselling support include:

  • Feeling low and unhappy
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling depressed
  • Relationship problems
  • Work pressures
  • Difficulty adjusting to changes, big and small
  • Separation and loss

(Confused about the differences between counselling, psychotherapy and psychology? Click here for more information).

What kind of individual counselling do I offer?

I am a psychodynamic, person-centred, attachment-based and trauma-informed English-speaking counsellor in Geneva. 

In short, in doing this work together, you may want to explore the impact of experiences and patterns from the past on your day-to-day life. Or, you may choose to focus on current concerns, emotional distress and ways of relating to others.

In addition to working individually, I also offer couples counselling where it seems that the focus of the work is more on the dynamics of a couple. I also specialize in providing counselling to international migrants and to pregnant women, parents and babies.

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