Contact me for online psychological counselling in the time of COVID-19

This section is designed to help you find out how to contact me for more information on my counselling practice.

I offer in-person counselling (at the cabinet and home-visits for women who are pregnant or parents with infants) and online teletherapy.

If you are curious, and would like to find out more about the type of psychological counselling I can offer, please fill in the contact form below. 

I would normally suggest a brief introductory phone conversation (I do not charge for this and it usually lasts about 15 minutes). During this we can together think about what you are hoping for from counselling and what I can offer. We would also discuss my fees and your availability.

The next step for us would be to set up a stand-alone assessment. This usually lasts 50 minutes and costs CHF 130. I hope in this time to explore in more depth what brings you to counselling, share a bit more about how I work and together think about what you are looking for. This may lead to us working together and it equally may involve looking for a referral onwards or a connection to different services for you. The aim is to help you find what you are looking for. 

If counselling with me seems appropriate, I usually suggest weekly sessions. Counselling can be for a fixed number of sessions (if we are working on a specific issue) or more usually will be open-ended. If you become a client I will reserve the same time for you every week and the assumption would be that you have committed to attending on that day and time on an ongoing basis. We will discuss holidays and breaks and how to plan for them together.

I work from a person-centred, attachment-based, trauma-informed and psychodynamic perspective. I regularly undertake training to ensure that I am using the most up-to-date understanding of evidence-based practices in my work with clients. 

What does this mean in practice? It means that I am interested in building a therapeutic relationship with you that is based on a mutually agreed commitment to work together every week at a set time. I am interested in getting to know you and your life – and that includes both what is happening for you in the here and now and also what has happened in your past. 

A lot of our work together may involve thinking about current ways of relating, emoting, thinking and behaving and whether there are aspects to this that you hope to change. We may think together about your current relationships, work and home life, and national/cultural/racial/sexual/religious identity and how this impacts your sense of your self.

I believe that our experiences in childhood and early adulthood all contribute to who we are today. I am interested in exploring this with you, and together seeing whether we can draw connections between your past and your patterns of relating to others in the present, including to me.

I believe that we all have the capacity for change. Moreover, I believe that the experience of being in a healthy and safe therapeutic relationship can be an important catalyst for change. 

Being in therapy involves thinking about and feeling feelings that you may have long buried. This can be a hard and challenging experience, but one where you will hopefully feel supported, heard and understood.


Each session lasts for 50 minutes and the fee is 130 CHF per session. I also maintain a small number of appointments available on a sliding scale, and can provide more information about this on the telephone should this be of interest to you.

I accept payment by bank transfer up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment or payment in cash at the end of your appointment.

I advise all clients to ask their health insurance providers about reimbursement, as reimbursement depends entirely on which provider you have.

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